Employee Spotlight: Why Is TQL a Great Place To Work?

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Employee Spotlight: Why Is TQL a great place to work?

Total Quality Lending is a Great Place To Work® certified company from April 2020-April 2021.
Our employees highlight their top reason’s why.

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Total Quality Lending is mortgage company that embodies it’s core values at every level of our business. This is the main reason our clients leave us glowing reviews and our employees feel uniquely connected to our mission.

We interviewed our team and asked them one simple question, “Why do you enjoy working at TQL?”

Watch the video or read below for their transparent responses:

At Total Quality Lending, we create a culture that exemplifies our core values in a way that resonates with our team. Our core values are:

  • Family
  • Character
  • Create a positive impact
  • Discipline
  • Lead by example
  • Evolve
  • Extreme Ownership
  • Equanimity

Read the direct quotes from some of our team members below.

1. Samantha Kite, Loan Mentee

“I love the culture here. It is life-changing. I truly, truly believe in this company and where it’s headed.”

2. Sergio Eulloqui, Jr. Loan Officer

“You can go to anyone, ask as many questions as you need. Everyone is here to help you succeed.”

3. Shannon Cervantes, LOA

“I came to TQL because I put my faith in Chris. He has been an amazing leader.”

4. Brian Spunaugle, Loan Mentee

“I love helping families. I love the people that I work with. I have built great relationships, not just with my coworkers. Also, with people, I helped with their mortgage needs as far as buying a house and helping first-time homebuyers.”

5. Andrew Rice, Marketing Coordinator

“My favorite part about this company is the culture. We are very family-based. We might not be related, but when you are here, it feels like you are a part of a family.”

6. Kevin Bell, Loan Mentee

“The area that we are in, the team that I have. Knowing that they are always going to have my back is something that I would push for anybody.”


7. Abraam Fam, Loan Mentee

“Not only is it pushing me to progress and to achieve more in my career but also in my personal life.”

8. Yasser Zarroug, Loan Mentee

“From day one they make you feel like it’s okay no matter what you do that they are here for you. That if you fail they will be right there to pick you up.”

9. Rajae Gayle, Loan Mentee

“You never come into the office feeling overwhelmed and stressed because of the love and good energy in the office. You’re always going to feel motivated to be here and to work towards achieving your best.”

10. Lisa Anderson, Loan Mentee

“It’s very family-oriented and you really do feel like a family here.”

11. Andrew Cho, Loan Mentee

“Being able to reach out to any of the operations when I need to. There are a lot of difficulties when it comes to lending and having a good support team is something that helps keep me motivated and keeps me going on the right track.”