3 Ways We Show Our Clients We Care

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3 Ways We Continuously Show Our Clients We Care

How Total Quality Lending is different.

How We Care For Our Clients

We are talking about the 3 ways we continuously show our clients we care.  It’s scary to think that only 18% of homeowners return to their loan officer after a transaction. Why? Because it’s just that – a transaction.  Our qualified loan consultants understand what it takes to establish a lasting relationship with every single family we help.  By taking the time to prioritize your long-term goals and continuously delivering education even after the purchase process, we are used as lifelong trusted advisors.  Read why we are different than any other lender and how we show clients we care.

We put our clients in control of their home finance.

Managing financial responsibility is an overwhelming task for many people. This uncertainty around home finance options creates a lack of confidence and reluctance to initiate conversations with lenders, as a homebuyer. As loan officers, it’s easy to think that the client needs to reach out to you, but by keeping your clients in the dark you’re creating additional work and less opportunity.

Instead, empower your clients with information.

We assist clients to understand their long-term options and help them feel secure in knowing we have their back. Educating them on financial decisions and constructed a plan for our clients’ future not only builds trust but increases their likelihood of using us again in the future.

We continue to educate you.

In order to teach financial literacy to new or existing buyers, we can’t think our ourselves as salespeople or transactional specialists, but rather as educators. When to refinance, how to leverage your equity – these topics aren’t taught widely and available, so most homeowners are woefully uninformed and shy away from making these decisions.

We equip our tribe through Quarterly check-ups, with comprehensive, personalized approach to home finance. Whether that means sitting down one-on-one or creating custom videos, investing in our clients’ education pays off in the long run. It helps us establish loyalty by showing our clients we have their best interest in mind, and you will be there for them long after the initial transaction.

We help setup your financial future.

Locking in a mortgage is the biggest financial commitment you can make in your life. Our goal is to build your financial legacy by improving your financial education on the purchasing process. We pay it forward by helping setup the next generation by securing your needs and best interest ahead of everything else to create a purpose-driven long-term relationship. Prioritizing this philosophy has let everything else take care of itself.